Black Sea weekend cruises
Special conditions

Our friendly and professional colleagues at the Vega Hotel are well prepared to answer any questions you may have about the sailing ship and to help you plan and organise your next cruise or event aboard the ship.

Booking procedure

For quotation enquiries regarding cruises, contact

Within maximum of 96 hours of our receiving the enquiry, you will receive our quotation and any recommendations.

Payment for cruises shall be made in advance. Details of payment methods shall be enclosed with the quotation.

Cancellation policy

A reservation may be cancelled without penalty charges if cancellation is made at least two days before the departure date of the cruise.

At certain times of year or for certain types of cruise, different terms may apply. You will be notified of any such changes in the quotation you receive in response to your enquiry.

If, due to unfavourable weather conditions and on the sole decision of the Adornate schooner’s captain, the tourism services covered by this contract cannot be provided under safe conditions for the passengers and the ship, the company shall be entitled to cancel reservations made. In this case, either the monies received in respect of these services will be refunded to the clients, or the cruise will be rescheduled, subject to weather conditions and availability.

If, during the cruise, weather conditions change (for example, rain, storm, etc.), based on the sole decision of the ship’s captain, the cruise may be ended and the ship may be brought to shore. In this case, monies received in respect of the services that have been ordered and only partially provided will not be refunded to clients, and the services will not be rescheduled for a later date.

Ship regulations

The following are forbidden aboard the ship:

• alcoholic beverages
• children under seven
• smoking inside the ship
• pets

There is a cash bar aboard the schooner, where you can buy refreshments.